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friends: how can u still wear black, its summer



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the next time you do blurbs could you please do one about harry being the little spoon bc hes sad? thnk you :)


You had fallen asleep with Harry holding you, his arms secure and warm around your waist, his face plastered into the side of your neck. There was nothing out of the ordinary; Harry usually opted to hold you like this. What was unusual was the way he was curled in on himself in the middle of the night, when you woke up because of too much heat, and his back was turned to you, muscles straining underneath the cotton of his t-shirt, and you had abruptly pulled back when the warmth coming from his skin seemed to scorch you. 

"Harry?" you murmured, and somehow the quiet whisper of your voice at three in the morning got back to him, which he grunted back at. "You’re burning up, babe." 

"Not feeling well." The scratch in his voice, the little tickle in his throat, was evident when he spoke lowly in the moonlight. He turned his head slightly to look for you in the dark and his fingers squeezed reassuringly at yours. "I’m alright. Took some medicine just now, go back to sleep."

Harry was about to turn back onto his side and face you, but you quickly reached up and nudged on his shoulder, causing him to stay in the position with his back facing you. He made a noise of confusion in the back of his throat, but before he could ask you what you were doing, you had already shifted down underneath the comforter and gotten a good anchor on his legs with yours wrapped around his own. You kissed the back of his neck and pressed yourself fully against his back, nuzzling the damp skin at his shoulder blades. 

You go back to sleep,” you told him, reaching up to stroke at a piece of his curls while your other arm tried to wrap itself entirely around Harry’s broad body (that didn’t work too well, but you did get far enough around so he could cradle your hand at his stomach with one of his own). “Let me take care of you.” 

Harry practically purred when you continued playing with his hair, your motions soft and languid. Harry moved slightly against your chest, pushing a little farther into you, and he let you kiss the back of his head. 

"Okay," he whispered, "Feeling much better already."